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Red Dragon Fruit Powder

Red Dragon Fruit Powder


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Product ingredients:
100% RED dragon fruit (Turkey)

All-natural red dragon fruit powder. No added sugar, preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavors, or colors. Gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan-friendly. A rich source of iron, magnesium, vitamin C and E. Freeze-dried red dragon fruit powder has maintained the exact color, taste, and aroma of fresh red dragon fruit. Freeze-drying technology saves up to 97% of all vitamins and natural nutrients.

In drinks:
– cocktail garnishes;
– teas;
– smoothies.
In cooking:
– cakes;
– acai bowls;
– salad;
– as a garnish.
In decor:
– food art;
– candle making;
– soap making;
– bath bomb or sizzler making;
– Christmas decorations.

17g or 30g

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