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Are you thinking about a collaboration?

For those who cannot have enough fruits in their lives (we like you already), we offer different kinds of partnerships.

You can order fresh red and white dragon fruits, papayas, and passion fruits from our Mersin gardens. The minimum order size is 20 kg. Our fresh fruits will be particularly suitable for offices, retail, and wholesales, bakeries, restaurants, and bars.

We welcome partners who are interested to use our freeze-dried fruits and powders in their businesses. Our freeze-dried red dragon fruit chips and powders are made from the ‘Royal red’ fruits, known for their high quality and intense sweet taste and color. We are open to collaborating with distributors, restaurants, bars, bakers, fitness enthusiasts, wholesalers, and many more to get to know us and our products.

Do you have an interest in collaborating? Drop us a message down below!

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