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Who we are?

You may have noticed that we really love dragon fruits. 🙂 This is Anta’s, Merlanta founder and manager, favorite fruit. And out of love for this exotic product, Anta started growing rich-in-flavor dragon fruits in her Mersin gardens as a healthy snack option for friends and family.

Owner of Merlanta holding a pitaya

What we do?

We grow different exotic and sun-loving fruits: different sorts of dragon fruit, papaya, and passion fruit. When the season comes, we harvest all fruits and immediately freeze-dry them to avoid any loss of good-for-you nutrients. And there are many of them – iron, magnesium, vitamins C and E, antioxidants like flavonoids and more!

Why we do it?

Dragon fruits don’t bear fruits all year round (sadly), so we started to look for options on how to stretch the fresh fruit season as long as possible. We required a solution that would keep dragon fruits fresh to consume and ship all year round. Turns out, there is such key – by removing the moisture of dragon fruits while maintaining all nutrients and enhancing flavor. This technology established Merlanta’s signature product – freeze-dried red and white dragon fruit.

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Why customers love our

❄️ Freeze Drying Technology

Freeze-drying or lyophilization is a preservation process resulting in only the fruit moisture being removed from the fruits. All other nutrients are saved to boost your body’s ability to restore energy, vitality, and fight the aging process. 

🍎 Natural Flavors

By removing the fruit fluids, we reach a higher intensity of the natural taste. Munching on the crunchy chips will feel almost like you’re eating a fresh-picked dragon fruit!

〰️ Our Brand

Can you guess what Merlanta means? It embodies three things (or places) without whom there wouldn’t be any dragon fruit gardens or freeze-dried red and white goods. Mersin, Latvia, and between them – the founder Anta – are the heart and soul of our small business Merlanta.

🌈 A Healthier Option

Dragon fruit is also known as pitaya. They are famous for their riches in vitamins, antioxidants, prebiotics, minerals, and fiber. Regularly consumed dragon fruits can even help you prevent cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes. 

😋 Quality Snack

Our dragon fruits are harvested ripe and in season. They are immediately freeze-dried to save all of their nutrients and intense flavor. The beautiful color, odor, and taste can stay the same for several years (if stored properly). But we have a feeling you’ll eat them up much sooner! 🙂

🎒 Travel-friendly Packaging

Fresh dragon fruits have a short shelf life. Freeze-dried fruits stay fresh longer (years), making them easy to travel with. Our freeze-dried fruits come packaged in a heat-sealed pouch for enhanced freshness. Hikers gonna love them!

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