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A Majestic Appearance in Combination with Health Benefits- Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is considered a superfood. It is low in calories but high in fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Dragon fruit contains healthy fatty acids and prebiotics. Antioxidants play a crucial role in protecting cells from free radical damage, which can cause chronic diseases and aging.

According to research done by the World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2018, the activity of antioxidants in the fruit help prevent different inflammatory conditions. The significant antioxidants that can be found in pitaya are betacyanins, betaxanthins, hydroxycinnamates, and flavonoids. Hydroxycinnamic acids in the fruit are proven against cancer activity. But flavonoids are associated with better brain health and reduced risk of heart disease.

A phytochemical is found in dragon fruit that is often used in heart medication. Dragon fruits red color comes from lycopene, it is known to lower the risk of developing prostate cancer.

There is a significant amount of carotene found in dragon fruit. Carotene can improve eyesight. Vitamin C also boosts the immune system (pitaya contains 10% of the recommended amount daily). B vitamins found in it aid carbohydrate metabolism. Calcium develops solid bones and teeth. Iron forms red, healthy blood cells, but phosphorus, a mineral found in your bones, promotes tissue and cell growth.

Studies on animals showed a positive effect on type 2 diabetes from dragon fruit, but these results aren’t always conclusive. Research studies show that pitaya could improve insulin resistance and reduce liver fat. The result of feeding lab rats with dragon fruit showed that the juice caused a better blood sugar response. It also cut some liver enzyme makers, while others notably increased.

The tiny black seeds in pitaya are a great source of omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids known for lowering the risk of cardiovascular disorders. It is possible to extract natural oils from the seeds, serving as a light laxative.

As stated by the study in the Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, dragon fruit maintains gut bacteria, meaning that it can have a probiotic effect on the body. A type of carbohydrate called oligosaccharide can stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria found in the stomach and intestines. Probiotics found in dragon fruit are significant for improving digestion and immune system and lowering intestinal infections.

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