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▪️100% Real Fruit

100% natural, pure and non-GMO fruits, all grown by ourselves in Turkey. With the sun spoiling us the most time of the year, dragon fruits grow ripe and extra rich in good-for-you nutrients. 

▪️No Added Sugar

This is the greatest difference from all the other dried fruits on the market. In care for your health, we do not add any sugar in the freeze-drying process. This way, we make sure that our chips and powders are a safe snack for any kid or adult.


Dragon fruit is one of the richest sources of natural nutrients you can find. Dragon fruits are low in fat and sugar and rich in vitamins, antioxidants, prebiotics, minerals, and fiber.

▪️No Additives

We don’t add any additives, preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavors, or colors so you can enjoy the intense taste of all-natural red and white dragon fruit soaked grown with love, care, and pureness


These oh-so-delicious snacks and powders are naturally gluten-free! Safe to add to your diet because once you start snacking, it will be hard to stop!

▪️Vegan Friendly

We care for your diet! Our freeze-dried fruits are suitable for vegan-friendly culinary adventures. Eat them as is, use them on your cereal, oatmeal, or in your breakfast smoothie.

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